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Blanket Accident Policies for Sports Clubs & Social Groups

Playing sports or participating in social groups is crucial to the appropriate development of children and teens. In the U.S. alone, about 30 million children participate in some form of organized sports. While group activities come with incomparable benefits in human behavior, they also account for a large portion of injuries in children. Club organizers, coaches, or referees do their best to protect the participants of their sporting events and activities, but as we know, accidents still occur. An accident or injury to one of its members can be detrimental to the organization and the financial wellbeing of its organizer. A Blanket Accident Policy can help keep the members of sports clubs and social groups secure, while ensuring the future of their organization.

What Does A Blanket Accident Policy Cover?

A Blanket Accident Policy will provide coverage for injuries to all parties of the organization, including coaches, managers, mascots, cheerleaders, scorekeepers and players. This coverage only applies to those insured while they are participating in or traveling to an appropriately sanctioned game or scheduled practice of the policyholder. Specific coverage can be tailored to fit the needs of various social groups, including youth groups and clubs, parades, and group trips. Blanket Accident coverage is not a substitute for liability insurance, but rather an additional policy to add on to your existing plan for more inclusive protection.

Do I Need a Blanket Accident Policy?

Some sports and activities are more dangerous than others, however, any time groups of children assemble, there is an increased risk of accidents occuring. Contact sports, such as football, soccer, or basketball are typically considered higher risk than non-contact sports such as swimming or volleyball. However, all of these sports have a potential for injury, whether from contact with another player or misuse of a body part. While many would consider less physically active groups such as church groups, theatre clubs, or day cares to be sager than sports, there are still certain risks involved in participating in and traveling to these events. Accidents can happen anytime, anywhere, so your exact level of risk is not important when it comes to protecting the safety of children.

Danskin Insurance Agency supports our community and the future of our children, which is why we offer Blanket Accident policies for sports clubs and social groups. Insuring the participants of your sporting events and social activities will help maintain your financial wellbeing and combat the stress of being in charge. Please contact us to speak with a trusted Danskin Representative.


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