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You’ve worked hard to provide a nice home and everything your family needs, including a solid retirement plan. Make sure to protect yourself any unexpected liability claims with a personal umbrella policy (or excess liability). Your homeowner’s policy provides liability coverage, but it may be more limited than you realize. In some cases, your automobile liability limits may not be adequate in the event of multiple or serious injuries as a result of a car accident.

An umbrella policy is designed to help protect you from major claims and lawsuits while protecting your assets and your future. For a reasonable cost, it is usually possible to get a lot of protection.

Trusted Choice Company & Certified PIA Member

At Danskin, we can help you understand the way your different insurance policies interact (and potentially conflict) and design the right coverage for you. Give us a call or submit a request to us today, and one of our licensed professionals will help you get the coverage you need for your personal liability.

Looking for the Best Coverage - Unsure Where to Start?
Contact the Danskin Agency today and be matched with an agent who will help identify the right coverage for you and your needs. Friendly service always - our customers are like family.
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