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Public Entity

Risk Management

Danskin Insurance Agency is one of the most experienced governmental entity insurance brokerage and risk management firms in New Jersey. We have deep expertise in complex insurance, risk management, underwriting management and claims advocacy challenges. We remain current on recent program changes relative to policy forms and database management for Joint Insurance Funds throughout the Municipal Excess Liability (MEL) JIF system in New Jersey.


A big part of minimizing risk to the government’s property, services, and employees is being able to identify potential events that may have an impact in the government, residents or guests. The importance of pro-active risk management grows every year with higher litigation costs, new technology and both legal and political challenges. At Danskin, we have been working with public entities for more than half a century, and have been working with the joint insurance funds since their inception over 30 years ago, so we have the experience to help you create and implement a risk management plan to keep your costs down and your constituents, clients, partners, assets and guests protected. Our public entity risk management team is an active participant in various statewide governmental committees, including the safety, coverage and claims committees in the Monmouth County JIF, the coverage committee for the NJ E-JIF, and the coverage and safety committees for the MEL JIF.

Providing Services to:

  • County and Municipal Governments

  • School Districts/Boards of Education
  • Public Sector Commissions and Authorities

  • Municipal Utility Authorities

  • Fire and First Aid Squads

  • Quasi-Public Entity Athletic Organizations

Underwriting Management

Weighing risk and exposure is a detailed process that requires an equally detail-oriented approach, as well as the right amount of expertise. At Danskin, we leverage our experience to provide underwriting management services for joint insurance funds and self-insurers. Knowing when, where and how to place excess insurance coverage is often a complex decision that can make a big impact on the overall quality of the coverage as well as on the cost. We save our public entity clients money on premiums by bringing expertise and thoughtful negotiations with re-insurance and excess underwriters.


Danskin Agency is proud to have had the opportunity to provide Underwriting Management services for the New Jersey Environmental Joint Insurance Fund (commonly known as the NJ E-JIF) since the inception of the fund in 1995. Today, the NJ E-JIF is comprised of over 300 municipalities and more than 70 utility authorities throughout the state.

Insurance & Consulting

Many of our public entity clients are able to get the coverage they need through their membership in a Joint Insurance Fund. However, sometimes there are other affiliated or owned properties and organizations that need additional coverage. At Danskin, we help fill these gaps by helping our clients find the additional coverage they need in the commercial insurance market.


Because of our well known expertise in the field of government insurance and risk management, we’re often asked to provide consulting, education, and seminars on various topics. Our advisors are happy to assist agencies with critical and complex issues, including healthcare financing, risk management and assistance with regulatory compliance.

Trusted Choice Company & Certified PIA Member
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