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Are you currently renting your home, condo, or apartment? Your landlord will have insurance on your building, but all of your possessions inside are up to you to protect. Don’t have anything that valuable? Think about the costs you would incur to replace everything you own – your furniture, clothing, electronics, jewelry, appliances, artwork, housewares – it may be a bit more than you expect.

In the event of a loss, you want to make sure that your personal belongings are covered. Fortunately, Renters Insurance can provide this coverage for you. In addition to your belongings, Renters Insurance can also provide coverage for your own personal liability.


Make sure you talk to one of our agents today to help protect your stuff!

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Protect your stuff and talk to one of our agents today!

Looking for the Best Coverage - Unsure Where to Start?
Contact the Danskin Agency today and be matched with an agent who will help identify the right coverage for you and your needs. Friendly service always - our customers are like family.
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