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How to Successfully Run your Business from Home

As anyone that runs their business from home knows that there are many positives and negatives to a home based profession. The main problem that we at Danskin find from home businesses is that their company is not fully protected with their current insurance. 

You may think that since your company is fairly small (maybe it’s just you and your family who run it) there is no need for any kind of home based insurance. If you agree with that statement read on to learn about instances that can happen to even a small business such as yours and why it would benefit you greatly to have insurance that protects it all. 

A separate plan that covers you, your employees (if you have any) and your company to ensure that if you ever encounter a problem coverage will be one thing that you do not have to worry about. As you might already know when you run your own business from home there are certain roadblocks that you will need to go through. Such as…

  1. A storm or power outage damages your computer and you lose all of your information. 

  2. Your work equipment is stolen from your car or home.

  3.  An employee of yours gets injured while working. 

There are dozens of other problems that can and may arise when you run a business from your home and we at Danskin are here to help protect you from any bump in the road. Were we able to convince you? Give us a call or email today and one of our specialists will help you choose a plan that works best for you. 


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