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NJ Healthcare's Response to COVID

COVID-19 Testing

In response to the global pandemic outbreak, health insurance companies have been directed to waive all costs, including copayments and deductibles, for essential COVID-19 testing. This New Jersey state-regulated order provides testing for potential COVID-19 patients through covered hospital, urgent care, and general office visits. New Jersey’s recovery plan has called for expanded access to COVID-19 testing, by creating flexible resources, regularly testing healthcare and other essential workers, and providing aftercare for individuals who test positive. Because of this initiative, you can now find COVID-19 testing at many pharmacies and healthcare facilities statewide. If you need help finding the closest site to you, you can visit

COVID-19 and the Uninsured

COVID-19 testing and aftercare is now accessible by every New Jersey resident regardless of their health insurance coverage or immigration status through the Murphy Administration. Individuals who previously may have gone without healthcare are now guaranteed testing and diagnostic services with the addition of waived patient fees. If you have lost your job-based health coverage in the past 60 days, or expect to lose coverage within the next 60 days, there is a Special Enrollment Period that you may qualify for through the Affordable Care Act. There may also be options for you to become insured cost-free or at a lower than normal cost through publicly funded health insurance, depending on your eligibility. If you are in a position to, it is important to talk to a trusted insurance agent to discuss the right healthcare plan for you.

How to Reach Out For Information Regarding Your Healthcare Coverage Options

There are many healthcare options to choose from, depending on your income, household, and medical conditions. Do you know which plan is best for you? Danskin Insurance Agency always has trained professionals available to help you with your questions and personalized coverage options. Don’t let health insurance be confusing, allow our agents to seamlessly guide you through your options and enrollment.


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